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Gavin: We must do more to end violence against women

Gavin Newlands, the MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has used International Women’s Day to repeat calls for the UK Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention as soon as possible.

Gavin has submitted an Early Day Motion to the Parliament, which is being supported all the main political parties, which calls for the UK government to commit to tackling violence against women and ratify the European Council’s Istanbul Convention which will legislate for a series of coordinated measures to ensure cooperation between Government, local authorities and charities.

Gavin has been campaigning on this issue for the past few months and has previously written to the Prime Minister, and has also recently held a roundtable discussion on the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.

Gavin Newlands MP said:

“International Women’s Day provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the contribution that women make to our society. However, as well as celebrating the success and achievements of women, we should be also mindful of the inequalities that still too many women face in their daily lives.

“This includes 1 in 4 women being subject to domestic violence at some points in their lives. The shameful truth is that still too many men think they can control their partner through a culture of fear. This sort of behaviour should shame us all and we should send out a message that any form of domestic, sexual or psychological abuse will not be tolerated.

“Despite all the positive work that has taken place in ending the violence that many women experience, there is still so much more that we can do. The UK government can and must do more to end violence against women, and I am again calling on them today to ratify the Istanbul Convention. I am delighted that my calls are being supported by all of the political parties represented at Westminster, and I trust that the government will take note of the widespread support that exists for the Istanbul Convention being ratified.”

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