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Gavin Newlands MP slams football thugs

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has used a speech at Westminster to slam those ‘hooligans’ who use football to engage in violence.

The European Championships have been plagued with violence breaking out between opposing fans, with the worse outbreak occurring before the England and Russia match.

A debate was held in Westminster on the issue of football hooliganism, and Gavin urged more action from the government and football governing to tackle those who engage in violent behaviour in and around the football stadium.

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said:

“The European Championships have been blighted by the outbreak of violence that has occurred between opposing fans of certain countries.

“The SNP strongly supports efforts by the French and UK authorities to hold those responsible to account and welcomes the efforts of the police and French authorities.

“We also need action from Central government on this matter – working with a range of bodies to find out what we can do to stamp out football violence once and for all. This includes working with the internet service providers to prevent the use of on-line tools that allow football thugs to plan and coordinate their fights. In addition, we need to work with football governing bodies and discuss the possibility of disqualifying teams where a section of their supporters are engaging in violence.

"Those who use football as an excuse to engage in violence are not true footballing fans, and as well shaming other fans they also badly let down the team or country that they’re supposed to support.”

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