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Gavin Newlands MP highlights the heavy price for Tory austerity

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has highlighted a recently published Poverty Alliance report which has revealed that a third of Scots on low incomes are struggling to feed themselves and their families, showing that Scotland is paying a heavy price for the Tories' unrelenting austerity agenda. The study shows that too many Scots claim they are skipping meals, unable to pay bills and are being forced to borrow money just to get by - with many wishing they could save up or afford to socialise more. According to the survey, 46% of those earning less than £14,000 are so stressed about their finances that it is negatively affecting their work life. It is expected that the latest Tory welfare policies, such as the two child limit and rape clause, will drag hundreds of thousands more children below the poverty line - leaving working families unable to make up for the cuts. Commenting, Gavin Newlands MP said: “This research paints a stark picture of the harsh reality of life under the Tories for far too many ordinary Scots and their families. Cuts to tax credits in particular are pushing working parents into poverty. The Tories should be ashamed that they’re pushing more working people and families into a life of poverty. "Over the last four years, the SNP in Government has spent over £350 million mitigating such inhumane Tory austerity cuts like the bedroom tax, and we are now fighting a similar battle over the Rape Clause. "We cannot let the Tories off the hook and continue to use money earmarked for devolved public services to alleviate every bad Tory policy, while the Treasury pockets the money that should be in the pockets of hard working parents. "Scotland knows there has always been a price for voting Tory – but the price of voting Tory at this election has never been higher. We have witnessed what the Tories can do with a slender majority. It doesn't bear thinking what they will do with the predicted vastly increased majority. "Only the SNP will stand up to the Tories' austerity policies, to a blatant disregard for Scotland's interests and to a blind and damaging crusade towards a hard Tory Brexit.”

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