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Gavin Newlands calls on Renfrewshire Council to fix bin collection service

The SNP’s Gavin Newlands has called on Renfrewshire Council to investigate why so many households and businesses are not having their waste and recycling bins emptied.

Gavin Newlands has received countless complaints from constituents and local businesses stating that their household waste and recycling bins haven’t been emptied in weeks.

Mr Newlands has written to Renfrewshire Council, calling on them to act with urgency to pick-up all outstanding waste and recycling bins and to investigate why so many households and organisations are not having their bins emptied on a regular basis.

Gavin Newlands, said:

“Over the past few weeks, I have received a significant number of complaints from constituents, community organisations and local businesses over the fact that their waste and recycling bins are not being picked up. In each and every occasion that this has been raised with me, I have contacted Renfrewshire Council officials about bins not being picked up and have requested that these are prioritised. However, I’ve now received so many complaints from local people and now suspect there is a larger problem with regards to the council’s bin collection service.

“The decline of this service has obviously been largely down to Labour-controlled Renfrewshire Council cutting vital funding to our environmental services, such as emptying our recycling and waste bins.

“The overflow of rubbish is still spilling into our streets, making our communities look untidy and messy.

“It’s not good enough for households to wait 3-4 weeks to have their bins emptied. This service fault should be corrected as soon as possible Renfrewshire Council has to look into this issue as a matter of urgency and ensure that all households, community groups and local businesses start having their bins emptied on a regular basis.


The UK Parliament dissolves at midnight on the 03/05/2017. As such, Gavin Newlands will no longer be an MP from that point.

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