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Gavin Newlands MP continues campaign for affordable insurance for those with Huntington’s disease

Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has continued his campaign to ensure that individuals living with Huntington’s disease, or are at risk from Huntington's, can access affordable and fair insurance.

Earlier this year, following representations from the Renfrewshire-based Scottish Huntington’s Association, Mr Newlands led a debate in parliament on the challenges that people with Huntington’s disease have with accessing insurance and called for action to be taken to ensure that the insurance companies cannot price out those individuals from acquiring insurance.

Gavin has followed this up with a meeting with the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP, where he was joined by the John Eden, Chief Executive of the Scottish Huntington’s Association and also representatives from the Huntington’s Disease Association and Genetic Alliance UK. They repeated the calls to the UK Government to intervene to help ensure that those with Huntington’s disease can access affordable insurance.

Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said:

“I am determined to continue the campaign so that individuals either living with Huntington’s, or the risk of being a carrier, can access affordable insurance to allow them to live their lives without added financial stress and complication to be able go on holiday, buy a house or secure life insurance.

“It’s clear that the insurance companies still don’t fully understand this condition and this means that too many people who suffer from Huntington’s, when not refused insurance, are even priced out from acquiring basic insurance to go on a family holiday.

“This was productive meeting and I am grateful for John, Cathy and Ruth for joining me at this meeting to explain what has to be done to ensure that individuals with Huntington’s disease can access fair and affordable insurance, and to the minister for vowing to work with us to try and make the current regulations fit for purpose.”

John Eden, Chief Executive of the Scottish Huntington’s Association, said:

“People with Huntington’s Disease and their families live at the sharp end of the day-to-day challenges of a severe, progressive condition. They face battles getting others to understand their needs, access services, and cope with the many symptoms the condition causes. Accessing life insurance is yet another battle and many, if not most families stand little chance of winning. Insurance companies simply don’t understand this condition and frankly seem indifferent to the impact their resultant decision making process have on already difficult circumstances. It really is time that changed and they must engage with the HD community and find workable solutions. People with HD don’t expect special treatment, they just want to be treated fairly.”

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