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Gavin Newlands MP Ensures Safe Crossing for Kids

Mr Newlands, the MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North has pushed for a zebra crossing to be installed for safe crossing to Phoenix Retail Park.

In March 2017, a constituent raised concerns following a minor incident with a youngster who thankfully did not suffer any serious injuries. Mr Newlands met with Council Officers on site and agreed that a solution had to be found. The lack of a crossing on Saturn Avenue, which provides access to Phoenix Retail Park, was better dealt with than left to chance.

The Retail Park is very popular with children and young adults, with many visiting on a daily basis to grab something to eat or visit the local cinema. It is also popular with adults and families who often drive to the park via Saturn Avenue. Following our discussion, we found that the best way to make the road safe was to put a new zebra crossing in place.

The road is now closed as of today (Monday the 1st October) until Wednesday, while the new zebra crossing is added.

After hearing the news that the crossing had been approved by Renfrewshire Council, Mr Newlands commented:

“I was delighted to hear that the zebra crossing is to be put into place. I hope the constituents who raised this issue can now rest at ease that it will be safer for those who live in the area or are passing through to visit the retail park.

I’m grateful to the constituents for taking the time to raise the issue and to the Council Officers who helped agree a plan to resolve the issue”

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