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SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, Gavin Newlands, today reiterated his calls for national banks to take action to support the sustainability of Community and Sub-Post Offices by paying them fairly.

This comes as the National Union of Subpostmasters are about to hold their Annual Conference from Sunday 14th April to Tuesday 16th April. Newland’s call follows a debate he secured in the House of Commons a few short weeks ago.

During the debate, Newlands highlighted the rising importance of Post Offices to small towns and rural communities and renewed calls for a fair deal for Post Offices.

As bank branch numbers continue to fall, local Post Offices have become increasingly important to local communities - particularly to the elderly and those with additional support needs because of the face-to-face banking services that they provide. This is on top of the role they play in services regarding post, advice, pensions, benefit administration, and community spaces.

Ahead of the Conference, Gavin Newlands MP said:

“It is imperative that the Post Office, a publicly owned body, gets a fair deal from the banking sector.

“The local Post Office plays a huge role in public life – it is both a symbol of the community and a lifeline on everything from pensions and benefits to vital day-to-day banking services.

“In many small and rural towns in Scotland, the local Post Office is the last place where a face-to-face service is available, making it essential for the elderly and those with additional support needs.

“Sub-postmasters have continually raised concerns that they are not receiving adequate financial remuneration for services they provide to major banks turning over huge profits, resulting in many post offices operating at a loss.

“Sub-postmasters are also often paid less than the minimum wage when you take into account the hours they work, so not surprisingly many are considering leaving our local high streets.

“It is time that these profitable banks give Subpostmasters a fair deal.”

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