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A BBC report has revealed that big regional divides in standing charges on standard electricity bills will see customers in Scotland pay some of the highest charges in the UK - with consumers in Renfrewshire and the rest of the South of Scotland facing a 100% increase.

The price per day in South Scotland for a Single Rate Electricity Meter from April 2022 will increase from 24p to 47p. With the exception of South West England, Scotland already pays the highest standing electricity charges in the UK.

Meanwhile London’s standing charges will remain the lowest in the UK at over 30% less than the Scottish average and with the lowest increase anywhere at just 8p – compared to Renfrewshire’s 23p increase.

Independent campaigners such as Energy Action Scotland have outlined their concerns at the cost of living as fuel poverty rates are forecast to hit over 50% in some parts of Scotland.

The figures were condemned as “outrageous” by Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP, Gavin Newlands.

The SNP man said:

"Millions of families in Scotland already face a devastating blow to incomes as the Tory cost of living crisis spirals out of control, with energy and food costs rising higher and higher, and we unfairly pay the highest grid charges in Europe. Now we are set to be hit hardest by a rise in standard charges for electricity bills.

“But instead of following the example of other countries across Europe and taking meaningful action to support people in Scotland and across the UK with the rising cost of living, the UK government has delayed its energy strategy again and missed the opportunity to support millions in its Spring Statement.

“It is outrageous that households in a country like Scotland with some of the richest sources of energy in the world are being saddled with extortionate charges on our electric bills while London is treated to the cheapest rates anywhere.

“We are a wealthy nation and it’s disgraceful that any household should be forced to choose between heating and eating while the UK Government can’t be bothered to lift a finger in support, unlike virtually every other government in Europe.

“It’s not too late for the Chancellor to change course and provide every person in this country real support with the cost of living crisis such as turning the debt-inducing ‘heat now, pay later’ energy loan into a more generous grant, and uprating benefits by 6% as has happened here in Scotland.

“If Westminster fails to act, it will continue to make the case for independence. It is increasingly clear that the only way to keep Scotland safe from Tory cuts is to become an independent country, with the full powers needed to boost people's incomes and build a fairer society."


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