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Boris Johnson’s latest visit to Scotland should be his last as Prime Minister, says a Renfrewshire MP.

The Prime Minister made a flying visit to the east coast on Monday as part of his day visit to Scotland.

His last trip to Scotland in January 2021, in the middle of lockdown restrictions, sparked widespread criticism for taking a non-essential trip while such travel was banned for everyone else.

This year’s journey came as news emerged of the PM being issued a questionnaire by the Metropolitan Police about the Partygate affair, with over a dozen events at Number 10 under investigation for potential breaches of public health regulations.

It was reported that he was taking legal advice from his personal solicitor as enquiries continue into a catalogue of parties, events, and celebrations in Downing Street while the rest of the country was in lockdown.

And despite travelling nearly 1,000 miles to and from Scotland in a single day, the PM snubbed Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross during his visit, with no meeting between the two men after Ross called for the PM’s resignation.

Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said the PM should be “picking up his P45” after his Scottish day out.

Gavin said:

“I hope this trip to Scotland will be his last as Prime Minister, his farewell tour after a period in office that has been a disaster for our country.

“If he had a shred of decency left he would be apologising for the misconduct and misery his time at Number 10 has been a byword for, then picking up his P45.

“As always with his day-trips north of Watford, he was hidden away from the public after travelling to Scotland by private jet, and given strictly rationed media appearances.

“The only time he deigns to visit is to use Scotland as a backdrop for his latest photo ops, despite his party being rejected by the people of Scotland at every election since 1955.

“The reality is that his taxpayer-funded private jet junket was far removed from the reality facing millions of Scots - soaring energy prices, rocketing food costs and a cost of living crisis that the UK Government seems unwilling or unable to even try and tackle.

“His kamikaze Brexit has cost our country billions of pounds and left businesses the length and breadth of Scotland struggling to survive, strangled by red tape and trade barriers, yet he carries on lying about the consequences for us all.

“That power is wasted in the hands of Downing Street and Westminster – it’s time Scotland’s future was in Scotland’s hands.”


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