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The roll-out of a cash payment for carers across Renfrewshire and Scotland has been hailed as a success by a local MP.

The Carers Allowance Supplement was first introduced by the Scottish Government in September 2018 and gives a twice-yearly lump sum to anyone in Scotland who receives Carers Allowance.

Carers in Renfrewshire have received a total of £6.2 million over that time with the most recent payment in October last year amounting to over £1.2 million alone.

The supplement is designed to be easy to access, with no application needed and payments made using existing claims for Carers Allowance made through DWP.

Since its introduction in 2018 4,160 carers across Renfrewshire have received the payment, with the total across Scotland reaching over 126,000.

This year nearly 3,000 carers locally will benefit from the supplement, which is unique to residents of Scotland thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, with a total of £475.80 paid to each eligible carer split between June and December.

Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP, Gavin Newlands, welcomed the milestone and encouraged anyone who might qualify to get help and advice.

He said:

“There’s always more we can achieve as a society to support and help carers, and the Carers Allowance Supplement is one step very much in the right direction.

“This is a payment unique to Scotland – not available elsewhere in the UK – run directly by Social Security Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government.

“It’s provided invaluable help during the coronavirus pandemic and since its introduction has paid out £188 million to carers around Scotland. That is a terrific success story, and it’s money going directly into people’s pockets where it helps most, particularly with the current cost of living crisis and soaring energy costs.

“I would urge anyone who thinks they might qualify to get professional benefits advice and look into applying for Carers Allowance – if successful they will automatically get the Carers Allowance Supplement paid direct to them with no need to apply again.

“The transfer of some powers over social security to the Scottish Parliament has shown how a benefits system that puts compassion and humanity at its centre can be a force for real good in our society, and the sooner every other arm of benefits policy is transferred from Westminster to Holyrood, the better for everyone in our country.”


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