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It’s time for Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak to go.

That’s the verdict of Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP, Gavin Newlands, following the news that the Prime Minister and Chancellor were issued fixed penalty notices by the Met Police for their involvement in illegal parties in Downing Street during the covid lockdown.

The news broke as it also emerged the PM’s wife was also slapped with a fixed penalty for her role in the scandal.

Strict public health regulations during lockdown meant gatherings were strictly limited to those unavoidable for work or other purposes, with breaches of the regulation enforced by the police.

But the PM and many others have been found in breach of those same regulations, leading to calls for resignations at the top of the UK Government.

So far over 50 staff and Ministers in Downing Street have been issued with fixed penalty notices for their involvement in various parties and events at the heart of government during lockdown.

And the report commissioned from civil servant Sue Gray into the series of apparent lockdown breaches has still to be published.

Gavin said:

“Time is up for this moral bankruptcy at the head of this tory UK Government.

“The Prime Minister repeatedly misled Parliament, lied to the country and has spent the last few months smirking his way through repeated questioning on his conduct and that of his staff and ministers, including the Chancellor.

“While the rest of the country were making huge sacrifices to protect public health and stop our health service from being overwhelmed, Johnson and Sunak were spending their afternoons in illegal parties and gatherings.

“That is a cold and calculated insult to every single person who followed the rules, for many missing out on being there for their loved ones when they needed them most.

“By accepting these fixed penalties they have admitted their guilt and accepted they will not contest the fact they have broken the law.

“It is unprecedented for a Prime Minister and Chancellor to remain in office having admitted they broke the very laws they introduced and implemented.

“Whatever u-turns their branch supervisor in Scotland carries out, the simple fact is they must go and go now if they want to keep whatever shred of dignity they have left.”


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