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Gavin Newlands MP questions the UK Government on the impact of Brexit on trade with EU

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has questioned the UK Government Minister for Trade and Investment, Greg Hands MP, on the potential cost to the UK economy caused by the introduction of trade barriers between UK and EU countries following Brexit.

So far, the UK Government hasn’t been able to answer if UK will continue to be a member of the European Single Market – the biggest trading bloc in the world which is so important to UK businesses and the economy.

There is also no guarantee that international trade deals will be negotiated quickly, as countries such as Australia and USA have indicated that UK will be at the back of the queue for any trade negotiations.

Following the vote to leave the EU, Gavin also wrote to businesses across Renfrewshire to ask them what he could do to help them following the EU referendum result.

Commenting, Gavin Newlands MP said: “There is very real concern and worry about the impact of leaving the European Union, especially in Scotland where voters overwhelmingly voted to stay, and in Renfrewshire, where people voted 2:1 to stay. The UK government has had all summer to come up with a plan and a strategy, but so far we have had no straight answers from them.”

“I met with a number of Renfrewshire businesses over the summer and all of them are calling for some clarity as to what Brexit will mean to them and their employees. They need answers, and not more waffling from the UK government.”

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