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Local MP accuses Autumn Statement of failing to live up to Tory rhetoric

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has responded to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and has claimed that it fails to live up to the Prime Minister’s promise to deliver for those households who are ‘just managing.’

When Theresa May was appointed as Prime Minister, she claimed that she would put the interests of ‘just managing’ households at the heart of her Government.

The Scottish National Party has said Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement has revealed the full ‘Brexit bombshell' as economic growth will be slower, there will be higher inflation, higher borrowing, and higher debt.

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said:

“The Prime Minister and her Chancellor have fallen at the first hurdle in the aim for delivering for ‘just-managing households.’ We may have a new chancellor, but this Autumn Statement represents more of the same old disastrous and failed austerity policies as the ones pursued by George Osborne.

“This is a chancellor and Autumn Statement which can’t answer the challenges that Brexit will bring about. This is an Autumn Statement which fails to live up to the rhetoric of the new Prime Minister.

“A right-wing hard Brexit is set to cost Scotland 80,000 jobs and £11.2billion per year, hitting the living standards of families, the success of our businesses, and the well-being of communities across the country – yet the Tories still have no plan and no answers.

“The Tories have got us in the mess through six years of failed austerity policies and the prospects of pursuing a hard Brexit will mean that things are likely to get worse for households across Renfrewshire.

“This Autumn Statement – the first following the EU Referendum – shows that it will be the ‘just managing’ households who will pay the price for Tory Brexit.”

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