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Top politicians have been urged to stop the rammies and behave by a local MP.

The call came as Westminster returned to business this week after Boris Johnson was unanimously ruled to have broken the law in suspending Parliament earlier this month.

Amid furious scenes in the Commons on Wednesday, MPs of all parties were shocked by the behaviour of

UK Government ministers, including the Prime Minister, as questions were asked of their conduct and leadership.

The Tory leader sparked outrage as he described calls from colleagues of murdered MP Jo Cox to be mindful of her memory as “humbug”, as well as refusing to confirm he would obey the law in asking for an extension to the Brexit deadline to prevent a no deal exit.

And Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP, Gavin Newlands, called for a cooling off in rhetoric as the prospect of a no deal Brexit increases.

Gavin said;

“Of course emotions are running high, and people on all sides are passionate about their views – but what we saw in Parliament this week was beyond the pale.

“Brexit has already resulted in the death of one MP at the hands of terrorism. In that context, the language used by the Prime Minister and his allies is as concerning as it is despicable.

“Everyone with a view on the Brexit debate – Remain or Leave – must be free to speak their mind and advocate their position without fear of abuse or violence.

“I worry that this is part of a deliberate strategy by Boris Johnson’s advisers to inflame tensions and anger – and to distract from his abject failings as a politician.

“I raised this specific issue with the Prime Minister in the Commons, and his reluctance to obey the law, and received the usual monosyllabic reply. That simply isn’t good enough.

“Leaders must lead by example. The only example he appears to be using at the moment is from Donald Trump and his hateful, inflammatory rhetoric. That is simply unacceptable, and must stop now.”

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