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The UK Chancellor was slammed as “a blast from the past” as criticism grows of the lack of action announced to deal with the cost of living crisis.

MP Gavin Newlands made the call as price increases hit their highest level in decades.

With inflation hitting 9% this week – the highest rate in over 40 years – the cost of living is increasing across the board, with fears that the poorest will be hit hardest.

Industry experts predict energy costs could rise by another 50% in October this year when the latest price cap runs out.

Meanwhile the war in Ukraine has led to disruption of food supplies, with cooking oil in short supply and global wheat prices – crucial to the price of basic foods like bread – rising, and fears growing that inflation could spiral out of control.

Poverty Alliance Chair Peter Kelly last week said, “this Queen’s Speech shows that the UK Government still hasn’t got the courage to make the changes we need. They have failed to put forward a vision for our future, failed to have compassion for people, and failed to promise the economic justice we all need.”

And the criticism was joined by the SNP man.

Gavin said:

“The UK Government’s programme for the future has been shown to be a blast from the past, a relic of the Victorian era where the poor were blamed for their own poverty. At least Jacob Rees-Mogg isn’t shoving children up chimneys – yet.

“The cost of living crisis is hitting households now, yet we have no action and no hint of action from the Chancellor and his colleagues.

“Parliament has spent the past week debating the measures in the Queen’s Speech, and any action to try and seriously tackle the cost of living crisis is conspicuous by its absence.

“Instead we have compulsory debt on electric bills and an energy market that has been allowed to go completely out of control by the same regulators who are meant to protect the interests of consumers.

“Households up and down the country are facing tough choices about their finances and for the UK Government’s keynote announcement not to contain a single measure that will help families is a disgrace.

“Rishi Sunak’s position in the newly-published Rich List may be safe with his family’s £730 million stash, but for millions of people the coming months will mean a choice between heating and eating if the UK Government don’t pull their finger out.

“If they don’t want to act, they should get out the way and devolve full financial and political power to a Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government who want to support ordinary people in their time of need and who want to build a fairer and more sustainable society.”


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