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The soaring cost of living crisis deepened on Wednesday as new figures revealed that inflation has hit 7% - the highest in 30 years.

And the lack of UK government intervention to help households meet the record rise in living costs was slammed by a local MP today.

SNP man Gavin Newlands said the failure of the Tory government to act was “reckless” and slammed the Chancellor for failing to do more to help struggling families.

The new figure doesn’t include energy costs, which have risen by over 50% this month, with further increases forecast in October, while the price of basic necessities such as food and fuel has soared to record levels.

Campaigners are warning the UK faces a perfect storm of rising prices, reduced trade, and a flatlining economy, putting jobs and livelihoods at risk at the worst possible time.

Most European countries have implemented emergency measures to cushion their citizens from the worst of the cost increases.

But fears are growing that the UK’s programme of compulsory loans to energy customers and cuts to basic social security benefits are simply making the situation worse.

The Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP said:

“With inflation rising to a staggering 30 year high, the Tory cost of living crisis continues to spiral out of control with no sign of the UK government stepping up to the challenge to protect families and households.

“The reality is that the Prime Minister and Chancellor are too distracted by scandals to get on with the day job of protecting people’s incomes and livelihoods.

“The broken Tory government’s inaction and neglect has piled on the pressure and pushed many into unmanageable levels of debt and poverty.

“Of course it won’t be people like Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson who are burdened by this crisis, rather ordinary households for whom slow wage growth and a complete lack of UK government support is preventing them from making ends meet.

“Families across the UK shouldn’t be forced into making choices over whether to heat their homes or feed their children, but that is the grim reality of life under the Tories.

“The Tory government must come back to Parliament urgently with a real package of support to tackle the cost of living crisis. That must include, as well as the introduction of the Real Living Wage of £9.90 an hour, a reversal to Universal Credit cuts, an uplifting of benefits and the turning of the energy support loan into a more generous grant.

"In Scotland, the SNP government is using its limited powers to help families and tackle poverty, including by doubling the Scottish Child Payment and uplifting benefits by 6% - the Tories in Westminster should be learning from this, not undermining our progress in Scotland.

“People in Scotland are being hammered by the poor decisions and inaction from this Tory government, it’s clear that only with the full powers of independence will we be able to protect families, boost incomes, and tackle poverty.”


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